IceRock Campground

established in 2017

IceRock Campground, LLC was first established in 2017. Kate and Loren Hansen had a dream of owning their own business. Trying to figure out what kind of business to start, where and when to start one was definitely a challenge. We knew we wanted to continue to work full time with our current employers, but at the same time do something part time that could possibly grow into something bigger.

With Loren’s passion for hunting and fishing, we  knew we wanted to do something for the sportsman type people. We began our research and found the South Dakota Glacial Lakes area is where we want to be. That’s when we decided to start a campground.  

After  looking around, we found 12 acres of bare land we thought would be perfect.  After many days and nights of “roughing” it on these grounds,  we brought in all the resources needed……water, sewer and electricity and how wonderful, these  resources are. After many thoughts and discussions of planning and organizing, drawing sketches of a layout, and then re-drawing them….here we are with campsites up and operating with full hookups for water, sewer and electricity.

We hope you find our campground relaxing and enjoyable….especially after a day’s catch or hunt.

Thank you for your support,

Kate & Loren Hansen