IceRock Campgrounds Terms + Conditions, Rules and Regulations.


IceRock Campground. LLC is not responsible for any accidents.

To help keep rates low, please be sure to turn off A/C’s when unit is not occupied for extended amounts of time. Electricity is included in the rates, but we ask you to help control excessive usage. If abuse of unnecessary usage occurs additional costs will apply.

No parking on sites with grass. If extra parking is needed, please utilize grass area across from sites or along side of road. Boats may stay parked across site or along gravel road also.

Pets are allowed but must be cleaned up after. They are free to roam, but not to be of a nuisance or cause any issues with other tenants. If any complaints, you will be asked to keep them on a leash. IceRock Campground is not responsible for any incidents that may arise with pets, such as biting. Tenant will be responsible to discuss with opposite party of incident if such an occurrence should happen.

Garbage cans must be kept out of site, must have a lid and strapped to prevent any debris on grounds. Please empty daily into dumpsters to prevent unwanted rodents, pests, animals.

All cigarette butts must be disposed of properly and not to be discarded on grounds.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Playground equipment is, at your own risk and Ice Rock Campground is not responsible for any accidents.

Noise must be at a minimum after 11:00 pm

No outside firewood due to the Emerald Ash Borer problem. Portable and stationary firepits are allowed for campfires but must be put out when not attended. Fire wood can also be purchased if needed.

Recreational vehicles such as golf-carts are allowed but must be operated by a licensed driver. Speed is to NOT exceed 15 MPH and no reckless driving is tolerated. All pedestrians have the right away and you must slow down or stop for them.

For permanent sites, all lots consisting of grass must be kept mowed and free of weeds. If you need assistance with upkeep, please see management for additional costs. For your convenience, if needed a mower is kept near pump house, please return for others to use when done.

Ice Rock Campground will do their best to keep insects and pests to a minimum, but we also ask you to assist by keeping your site clean of any trash that may cause such nuisances.